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Amber Fossil: Its Formation and Types

Amber is basically the resin from trees that are extinct today. Millions of years ago, these trees somehow got carried away in the river and reached the coast. At the coastal region, they got trapped in sediments and throughout all these years, various pressures and heat in those layers turned the resin into solid and hardened amber. So basically it is a soft rock that is totally organic. But this theory is proved incorrect in all those mines that are away from the sea.

About The Formation

So it is believed that somehow all the trees got trapped in the earth along with the resins and they turned into amber after staying like that for millions of years. All these ambers are now sold by many companies and are bought by collectors who value the fossils of insects that were trapped inside those resins that turned into amber. All these companies are available online, so you can just browse through the fossils and place your order. So if you are searching for Amber Fossil, you can go for Drfinejewels.

Amber fossil

The Various Types

Not just insects, but even small mammals were trapped in these resins and became fossils. If you search the online stores, you will find many such types of amber that have entirely preserved specimens of mammals that look stunningly beautiful through the yellow tinged gem surface. The only problem of such fossils is that most of these have impurities in them or are made of tree resins that aren’t very clear. So the amber becomes translucent, and the fossil is not visible clearly. Many people collect these ambers, but they are priced much lower than the clear and transparent ones that are made from a different species of trees.

The Quality of Fossil

The beauty of these fossils is that unlike any other fossil, an Amber Fossil has a three-dimensional feature. You can see the entire specimen and all characteristics are visible so beautifully in the gem. This is whyamber that has an entire specimen preserved inside it is so valuable. Mostly the insects were caught in the resin while they were active, so the postures are really beautiful in some of the fossils. Especially if winged creatures were caught while flying, their wings look really stunning in the green and yellow ambers.

Amber fossil

More Types of Fossil

Sometimes, the insects were caught in resins along with the prey and predators. So if you are lucky, you will find beautifully fossilized multiple insects in one piece of amber. These fossils are really pricey and are available only at selected places. This has also helped the scientists to identify the genetics of the various insects that were unknown as they went extinct a long time ago. You will even find intact specimens of lizards, feathers, snake skins that are preserved in these ambers. There are various types of fossils, so if you are a plant lover, you can collect various fossilized plants, and leaves that used to grow in those regions 

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