Thursday, 16 March 2017

One Checklist That You Should Keep In Mind before Attending Amber Stones

You are about to invest in one of the most precious amber stones. It is important that you get the value for your money. At no cost, you should invest in a fake piece. For that, you must know the basics of buying. It is important that you keep the checklist ready before buying the precious stone that is also said to have healing properties. First, you should know the different classifications of amber, according to their respective places of origin. The Dominican Amber hails from the said republic whereas the other variety mostly comes from the Baltic areas.


Study its intensity

The next factor that merits your attention is the color intensity of the gemstone. Yellowish shades of the darker tone are mostly common. You can also come across pieces that are red, brown, and blue. Whichever, the shade may be, you have to take note of the intensity. But at the same time, it is important to make sure that the brightness is not the result of chemical procedures.

Be certain about its originality

Thirdly, ambers which are real produce a sweet flavor. You can sense the sweet flavor that is almost like pine if you bring a needle in contact with the stone.  You also have to make sure that the needle is hot. The facilitators at the provide you with the evaluation criterions for Amber stones. You can use the criterions as your checklist. In that way, you can have a satisfactory buying experience.

Buy stones which are clear

Do make it a point to note the clarity of the gemstone. The factor has to be a part of your checklist. Stones which are more precious than those that look messed up and cloudy. It is more sensible in investing in pieces that are transparent or translucent than those which are opaque.


Inquire about the treatment

While attending to a piece of amber, you should also find out the treatment that it has undergone. Most of the amber manufacturers make it a point to heat the stone in oil. The process of heating ensures stones of better color. In addition, clarity also improves with heating. If you are already acquainted with the procedure; then, you can question the manufacturer or the supplier about the extent to which the heating process has been undertaken. In general, the impacts of the heating procedure are long lasting and durable. So, even if the stone has undergone the process, you need not worry.

Check the presence of masking

Some of the original pieces of amber have cracks, marks, and other issues and irregularities. To cover up these lapses and loopholes, manufacturers use masking technique. The filling is one of the masking techniques. While attending to a stone, you should minutely check if filling has been done and if the stone has irregularities.

Don’t buy coated stones

You should avoid buying amber that comes with the coating. This is another aspect to look for while buying amber. The coating is also done to cover up cracks and other abnormalities. Do remember that coated stones are less valuable than those that come without coating. 


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