Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Amber- traditional jewellery

Amber beads
In the European region amber jewellery is very popular for a long time. It is conventional jewellery which is represented in new designs by various companies. Amber is a stone which is formed due to fossilization is used to embellish the jewellery designs. As it is formed after some million years so it sometime contains various insects which are together fossilized to amber stone. The amber stone is glossy, one can easily find the reflection of light through amber stone. Amber stone has various uses as it is also used in perfume making & in medical purposes too.

Amber stone is classified to its colour, one is blue amber, & another is green amber & lastly is yellow amber. There one can find various companies but he should prefer a reliable one ahead of the others. Amber stone is mainly available in Dominican Republic & DR Fine jewels of the same country are now on top for selling amber goods. There are huge collections of items & designs are available on the official website of this company To buy amber jewellery one can easily rely on this company, as this company has a good track record for selling quality products. The company is on top also in the category of amber wholesale.

Amber stones are generally of green, yellow & blue types. Blue amber stone is identified by the bluish reflection of amber stone. This product is costly than other amber stones. To buy blue amber just go through the web page of DR Fine jewels & choose your own product. The range of blue amber is from $680 to a maximum limit exceeding $5000. The weight of the stone is directly varied with the price, so increase in weight there is also increase in cost.

Though green amber is one of the rarest amber stone the cost of it is lesser than blue amber. It has a beautiful glow, which is also appreciated as the first-grade amber stone.  The cost of green amber stone also depends on its weight, but one can get a green amber stone for just $75 on the online trading site.  Among the green amber product, the green amber pendant is most common in the demand & also available on the website with a respectable range.  It is a tradition of the European continent to wear amber jewellery like amber beads necklace. Amber rings, amber earrings are also famous. Amber is also used in medicine industry & also in some medical applications too. So to buy amber jewellery just visit buy as per your pocket. There are various ranges to make easy to buy for different types of customers.


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