Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Amber ancient jewellery

Amber is an antique stone which is generally formed due to fossilization. The tree resin after many years agglomerates to a solid or semi-solid rock which is termed as amber. This stone is used in making medicine as well as in production of perfumes to use as jewellery. As it is a fossilized thus it sometime contains the animal parts which also have demand that there are lots of customers who are in search for buying amber with insects. It is used in various types of ornaments like in necklaces, bracelets, rings & lots more. Amber stone are classified to its colour, one is blue amber, & another is green amber & lastly is yellow amber.
Amber jewellery

To buy an amber stones a reliable company is needed, which will ensure quality products. A Dominican company DR Fine jewels is there to serve the matter. On their website you can find lots of amber products with plenty of designs which make you puzzled which one you should not buy because all the products are attractive. is the official site where you can find all the items in a compact note, amber wholesale is the main job of this site. Just add the product to your cart & pay the bill online to get the product at your address. 

Green amber is the rarest amber stone among the others, which has a beautiful glow; it is regarded as the first grade amber stone. The cost of every amber stone depends on the weight of the stone, which indicates with the increase in weight the price is also ascending. As for example a 10.5 gm. green amber stone costs $75 whereas there is more than $1000 cost of a green amber stone. In day time the glow of this item is just to watch.

On the other hand blue amber stone ranges from $680 to even more than $5000. The bluish glow of an amber stone indicates that it as blue amber. As there is some sale going on some products thus you can find lesser amount than the actual. There are plenty of designs & stocks on the DR Fine jewels website from where you can choose of your own according to your pocket.

Amber pendent, ear rings also have a good market value in Europe. Amber bead necklace is also an attractive product & it can be in various designs. Outfit makes a person perfect so all are in search for fashionable items which give them better looks. Amber jewellery is just an inclusion in the market of fashion. So just go through buy your preferred choice according to your pocket. Don’t hesitate just go for the best.


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