Monday, 6 August 2012

Precious and passionate Amber stone jewelry

Larimar stone
Amber is one of the most popular Neolithic stone discovered as a fossil. Amber stones are classified into five different species depending on their colour, purity and quality. Amber has different names like Ambrite or Resinite depending on the location of its origin. Being one of the oldest gems discovered by men, amber is considered very unique and it has been used for various purposes which mainly includes jewelry making.
Amber fossils are found in different parts of the world and depending on their origin they are categorized as precious and semi-precious ones. Amber fossil is mainly made of tree resin. It might also contain traces of animal life like ants, spiders, flies and other insects. Amber stones with fossilized insects are available and they are considered very rare and precious.

One of the rarest amber stones are the ones found in the Dominican Republic, the popular nation of Hispaniola Island. Usually, ambers have a honey-like colour, different shades of yellow or sometimes rich brown to red. Green amber is also very beautiful and lots of jewellers prefer it over other shades. For an amber blue or variables of blue is a much-treasured colour because such amber stones are found only in the Dominican Republic, near the Santiago mountain ranges. Although amber and other stones were mined in here since several decades, the place became popular for its Larimar jewelry after the discovery of Larimar stones (in 1974) at one of the sea shores.

Dominican amber is popular for its rich blue shade. Fluorescent amber stones are also mined in here which also falls under a rather rare variety of amber. Due to its rarity, blue amber has become expensive over time. It is also considered as a precious stone that has magical healing powers. Although people are not much aware of this rare colored amber, there is a growing demand for blue amber jewelry. A Dominican blue amber ring can cost you around $ 200 USD. The cost would rise to around 500 to 800 USD if it is a clear blue stone.

If you are looking for a genuine amber jewellery click here, it would be better to approach a branded jeweller. Amber stones are subject to depreciation and it should be well preserved. However, pure amber stones last longer if they are kept away from sunlight and moisture. Amber is considered as a lucky stone and there are many outlets and online stores dedicated to amber rings for women and men. If you wish to buy fluorescent or blue amber stones, know that they can cost you a fortune. However, you can procure the raw stones from wholesale dealers at cheaper rates and have them molded into jewelry of your choice.


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