Monday, 31 December 2012

Amber jewellery a natural beauty

Amber jewellery a common item is manufactured from a fossilized tree resin termed as Amber which is purely natural. These tree resins are also used in various applications like in medical purposes along with jewellery. These stones sometimes have animal or plant parts as fossilised on it. Though it is mostly preferred in Europe but in other parts of the world these ornaments has a good demand. The history says that these amber stones were first used in Mycenaean tombs. Amber jewelleries are in different kinds like amber rings, amber necklaces, amber bracelets & amber necklaces. Amber stones are available in different colour based on which the designs of the ornaments are made. Blue amber,  and green amberare mostly available through green amber stones are rare to find. 

Amber stone is one of rare standard stones. Blue amber is found only in mountain ranges in Santiago located as amber mines in maps. Among the other companies who use to sell out amber, larimar fossil products DR Fine Jewels a Dominican company is considered as the best. Due to the product quality and design also the price of the products this company secured a top position in today’s market. On the official web page of DR Fine jewels you can buy their products through e shopping. 

Green amber

This company decorated their site in an organised manner where you can get all sorts of amber products whatever possible and after your order they will deliver your product at your preferred location. From the huge stock you can choose how many items you wish to buy; the values of each item varies with the design as well as the weight of the amber stones. The price range is between $ 680 and $ 50000, so it Cleary shows that all economic class has a chance to buy amber jewelleries. The shape and size indicates the price as for example a blue amber stone costs $ 6000. Sometime this company offers a discount on selected item when you can get all those items in lesser amount. 

Green amber stones are also very rare to find which also an amber fossil. The amber stone which has green colour polish is termed as green amber. This is considered as first grade stones.Amber necklacealso has a high demand in the category of amber jewellery. Just select your item then order it on the official page of DR Fine jewels and then they will ask you to pay the bill online. After the payment gets cleared the company will despatch your item to your desired address.


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