Monday, 7 January 2013

DR Fine jewels the complete shop for amber jewelleries

This DR fine jewel is a Dominican Republic based company which offers an online store of amber & larimar jewelleries full of top-class designs. Amber and larimar both the stones are found only in Domiciaand this company utilises that to offer designer collection of these stoned ornaments. Amber is an ancient stone which is formed as a fossilised stone due to the mixing of tree resin in to solid rock with a long time gap. This amber stone has other applications too like it is used in medical purposes and in perfume making. 

Sometimes these amber stones contain prints of some animals on it due to the fossilization some animals if comes with this resins get also fossilised with that. But these stones which contain prints of animals are regarded as more attractive amber jewelleries. These stones are being use to make necklaces, bracelets, rings and jewelleries. On the mines of Dominican mountainAmber stones are found. This precious stone amber is available in three colours, which are as follows: green amber, blue amber and the last one yellow amber. This company DR Fine jewels is regarded as the best manufacturer of amber and larimar jewelleries. They are the only wholesaler of amber jewels from the area of Domician republic. This company also use to export there products throughout the world.

Dominican amber 

Amber with insects is famous among a large number of people which are generally found in green amber. Green and yellow amber is rare among the amber stones. Green amber is top graded amber stone and regarded as the best. Those who have seen the effects of reflection of light through green amber stone must think that they are lucky. The glory of green amber is just to watch when lights fall on it. The cost of each amber stone varies with respect to the size and weight of that particular amber stone. Blue amber has a comparatively higher price than green amber. 

Domician amber stones can fit with any outfit and all these items are available at reasonable prices and attractable designs offered by Dr Fine jewels.  There are variety of items are  available to choose from the official site, where you can add the items to your cart for purchasing and then by payment of bills like various  e shopping methods  and then get ready to receive the product or products. In recent times these amber and larimar stones are at high demand like Amber and larimar necklace, pendant, ear rings and so on. Just to follow the current trend visit the web page of dr fine jewels and go for your choice.


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