Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Amber Beads Historic Gold from Mother Nature

The Amber is always a mysterious kind of thing and called as fossil gold because it reflects a bright gold light out of the gem and that what makes it look gorgeous and woman love to wear the jewelry made from Amber beads

amber stones

Very fashionable handmade amber stones of drfinejewels are the actual stones in 21st century. The jewelry made from it can make more effect on people than the diamonds. A huge part sold in the world called Amberoid Amber, which is cheap, and under developed stones. Therefore, if you are in the business of make and sell jewelry these are the things you need to look. You can buy and make them as your need.

amber stones

The formation of the amber was a mystery and no one knew about the origin. In ancient stories, people used to run amber beads with clothes to generate static electricity for making jewelry. This is because; they believe that it transfers the power into the wearer but a amber formed in about 60 million year ago, when the sea was covered by the forest and earth have changed them into the stones. 

amber stones

After millions of years, when the land replaced by water so they float on the surface and people found them, in 21st century the manmade amber is very popular and takes hours to make them under extreme pressure with the help of machines. The technology makes it possible to see that millions of years of process in just a few hours.


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