Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How to choose genuine blue amber?

There are times when we seem to mistake fake pieces of stones to be original ones. The fake ones are created in a way so that you completely believe them to be originals. This mostly takes place in case of jewelries. If you are not an absolute pro in recognizing original jewelry, you can often end up buying the fake ones. Amber jewelry is something that looks absolutely great. The subtle color of the jewelry makes it look very elegant and pretty at the same time. But in the recent times, people are often incorporating the use of plastics to replicate the look of amber. Thus it is essential to know certain ways in which you can distinguish a fake stone from an original one.

When it comes to jewelries, people often prefer buying pieces that are made out of blue amber since  jewelries made out of this stone is  quite exquisite to look at. Here are certain common ways in which you can decide if the blue stone that you are buying is genuine amber or not:

Ø  If you submerge a piece of amber in salt water you will find that the piece of amber floats on the water, this is not the case for plastic pieces which tend to sink down.

Ø  Try testing the amber by piercing a hot needle on the surface of the stone. The hot needle is bound to damage the quality of the amber as a result of which it will produce a pine like odor. In case of plastics or other materials, the odor will generally be like a chemical. This will you feel the difference.

To avoid any sort of duplicity in case of jewelries make sure that you buy jewelries from a trusted place. This will ensure that you get the genuine materials each time. If you are wondering as to where to buy the best quality jewelry from you can always get a DR Fine jewels blue amber for yourself. This company has been known to provide the most genuine stones and jewelry pieces to its customers. Thus they have been able to gain the trust of the common people to a great extent. This company does stand out as one of the best options that you may have for buying Dominican blue amber. You can be greatly assured that you will be satisfied in the best possible way both in terms of quality and the affordability of the product.

It is a difficult task to separate a fake stone orjewelry from the original. Thus you must make sure that you buy the best quality things from the most trusted place that you can find. A good company will always ensure the fact that you are satisfied economically as well. Not all people can afford things that are of extreme high price. Hence make sure that you have a look at all the criteria that make the company a good one.


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