Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Where Does Amber Stone Come From?

Although it is quite commonly referred to as a stone, in the true sense Amber is not a stone. In fact, it is a fossilized resin. However, since the jewelries made from amber bear the semblance of the stone, therefore, people have started calling it as gemstone. Aside from the beautiful appearance it has, many believe that amber also has certain metaphysical characteristics as well. It is believed that amber has strong healing properties and can cure many types of mental diseases. This has not been proven empirically yet but many users claim it to be of great benefits.

So where does it actually come from?

Amber is extracted from many parts of the world. The quality of this gemstone varies depending upon the country from where it has been extracted. Some of the countries the most popular for the amber are Poland, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Russia, Germany, Italy and Britain. The good thing is that most of the amber types are pretty easy to extract. Another good thing is that amber is available in a number of colors and hues. It can be light blue as well as dark green. Usually, the amber colors that are neither too dark nor too light are preferred. Also, a lot of people prefer the clear amber but there are many people who want to go for the inclusions which give a unique look to the gemstone. The amber extracted from the Baltic region is the most precious form and thus the costliest of all. The most in-demand processed amber comes from Poland where the Polish designers are the most revered amber craftsmen. Green amber is also found in many regions, but it is best to stay away from it as only very few vendors sell the natural thing. Most of them add artificial color to it.

The Origin

If you really want to find out the origin of amber, then you will have to go back millions and millions of years into the time. Nearly 50 million years ago, the resins were discharged by some of the tress, especially the pine trees. Over the millions of years, the resins became solid and then finally got fossilized. The landscape of earth shifted during these years and from the forests a lot of amber reserves moved to the coastal areas. A great deal of the resin reserves also got buried under the sea. Millions of years of natural earth phenomenon caused the amber to surface again.

The metaphysical effects

Amber is said to have the calming effect on the person who wears it. It helps in bringing down the stress. However, these claims have not been verified yet. Therefore, people under any kind of stress medication must continue with it even after wearing the amber. Amber stone jewelries from DRFineJewels are pretty common and worn mostly by women. They can be easily combined with certain metals like gold, silver, and stainless steel to create beautiful jewelry designs.

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