Sunday, 22 May 2016

Amber Fossils Make Your Stone All the More Precious and Attractive

Are you in love with accessories and jewelries? They are pretty things that really make us look all the more rich and beautiful. There are so many things that can be used to make these pieces. You can even use the fossilized stones to make precious jewelry. Do you know about the amber jewelry? They are quite famous and who would not want to have a piece of those lustrous bright yellow stones that can easily substitute your gold jewelries.

The Origin of the yellow rock

Thia is a precious material that has a fossilized origin. Found in some North European forests, there was a special pine tree that exuded resin which fossilized over time and resulted in these stone formations. The formations were then washed down to the shores of the Baltic Sea and so now this region has become a rich hub of its extraction. Many insects and plants got trapped in these resins and so now they are often found embedded safely inside the amber stone. These stones are obtained with great variations in clarity. While some are very transparent with high clarity, some are often opaque. And when you have some part of the living being embedded inside the stone and it can be seen clearly, then the price of that particular material increase manifold.

The Discovery of Animal and Plant Remains inside the Amber

In a recent research, prehistoric feathers dating back to as old as 10 million years have been found inside an amber stone. The feathers have been fossilized along with the materila. And it has now become a very important find for the study of prehistoric life. The feather could have belonged to some of the huge dinosaurs that once roamed the earth with their mighty bodies. Though it could not be confirmed whether the feathers belonged to a dinosaur or a bird, later findings of a Dromaeosauridae teeth in the same locality has triggered such a thought. The pine resins flowed down the tree side as they formed lumps. And whatever loose obstacles they found on their way down was engulfed inside. This has also suggested that the feather could be of a bird rather than that of a dinosaur. The amber fossils are a superb medium for preserving history and help us unravel many physiological puzzles of the prehistoric life. Since the amber is unpalatable, you do not have the fear of it being eaten up. This amber easily fossilized many plants and animals they got entombed in the very sticky and runny resin before getting fossilized. These feather fossils are now kept in the National Museum of Natural History which is located in Paris.

The Fossilized Jewelries and Stones

You can get beautiful jewelries made with such fossilized stones. They are perfect for those statement jewelries and can be bought easily online as well. You can try Drfinejewels-amber fossils. They supply beautiful pieces of such stones that have high healing powers as well as are very exquisite in their own.

So shop for the best and look the exotic and elegant with these precious fossilized stones.


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