Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Make Ambers Your Fashion Statement This Season

Amber has caught the imagination of the ladies who love dressing and wearing ornaments. Ambers which are natural products can make you look immensely beautiful. Instead of going with the traditional ornaments, go for a change with the Amber stones which can transform your look totally. When you wear this jewelry and go out, the effect that is created when light falls on the stones is simply marvelous. It is a natural pristine beauty. It will bring out your own natural beauty. This unspoiled look that you will carry will name you the center of attraction at any party.

Larimar stone

Natural objects of beauty

The Ambers are created naturally. They are nothing but fossilized tree resins that are created over a period of time. The resins are secreted out of the trees, and they trickle down. During this process, it often entraps some other items such as insects and creates inclusions. Then the resin slowly solidifies with time and becomes rock hard. This is the final piece of Amber that is collected by the companies dealing with ambers. It is simply a different kind of natural product which cannot be compared to any artificial object of beauty. It is the entrapped inclusion in the Amber which enhances the appeal of the product. People are behind getting such included Ambers.

The hues are to attractive

The Ambers that are generally found are to be seen in shades of yellow, brown and orange. There are other shades like that of blue which is rare and costly. The black Ambers are the rarest and expensive. The trapped elements in the Amber present you with a capsular moment of the bygone ages. It seems that as if time has frozen in that piece of art. These objects with the inclusions cost higher than that without any. When sunlight plays through the Ambers, it simply creates magic. A play of the various color shades is seen which have a mesmerizing effect.

Believed to have healing powers also

The ambers are supposed to have a healing capability. This belief has come down through the ages. They are supposed to dispel any negative energy that might be affecting a person. It cools down the mind and creates a soothing effect. The correct usage of as Amber stone would supposedly elevate a person’s mental condition. He will be able to concentrate more on the job. The religious reasons are also one of the reasons for the surge in the price of amber stones. The sources being limited, the demand remains quite high. This creates excellent business opportunities for the Amber producing countries.

Green amber

Select a dependable company

Whole seller companies like DR Fine Jewels can provide the best quality Amber stones for any jewelry purpose. They are sourcing the best products with the proper handcrafted stones. You can rely on such reputed companies that have crafted their name with sustained good quality services to the customers for a long period. The products are totally authentic, and the testing facilities are also available which you can do anytime.


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