Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Five Reasons for Loving Blue Amber

Amber jewelry has always been fascinating to the humans. Blue ambers hold a special place among all types of ambers among the jewelry lovers. Here are five strong reasons to develop the special liking for this exquisite gift of Mother Nature.

        Present a capsulated form of a moment from the past: The amber stones are formed from the solidification of the resins that trickle down the trees when they get cut as a part of the tree’s own healing process. In the process, it traps some live objects such as insects or other organisms which are framed within the ambers. This is what creates the appeal of these ambers. When these blue stones present such a spectacle, it seems like a frozen moment in history.


        Great for medicinal purposes: The Blue amber is believed to have immense healing powers. It is widely used for the relief of bone and joint pains. Ailments such as migraine and eczema are also believed to be healed up by the power of these magical stones. They release an element of positivity. A person wearing these ambers can ward of stress and feel relaxed. It is an excellent piece of thing to wear in the cold season. It heats up the body due to the emission of heat from it.

     Makes you look unique if used as jewelry: These stones form exquisite pieces of jewelry. The blue stones increase the beauty of the pieces of ornament that are produced with it. The jewelry designers hold these ambers in very high esteem as they can produce great pieces of ornament that are in great demand. Reliable companies like DR Fine Jewels can supply the best Blue amber for the preparation of eye-catchy jewelry. Each stone is unique and different from each other. When they are polished, they give dazzling shines which enhances the beauty of these stones. They look great when attached with gold or silver ornaments.


     Helps you take a peek at the prehistoric times: These stones present nothing but glimpses of the prehistoric times. There are many of these organisms that have become extinct, and they are found in these amber stones. They prove very helpful for the studies of the scientists. They can get an idea of the organisms that existed millions of years ago, the ecosystem that existed, etc. These objects are indispensable parts of scientific studies. 

     They are very rare items: Blue ambers are not widely found. Amber itself is available only in select regions in the whole world. The blue ones are of a rarer variety. This is the reason of its larger demands and greater price ranges. These rare items have several properties that make the even more endearing to the users.

    If you are looking for the blue ambers, always purchase them from reliable dealers as fake ones are available too. If the stones seem too perfect with a very high gloss, you need to recheck the quality of the product. The attraction of these stones is uncontrolled and seems to increase by the years.


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