Tuesday, 15 November 2016

8 tips for finding authentic antique Amber Jewellery

It does not matter whether you are an amateur collector or a pro in jewelry business, finding the authentic amber antique jewelry is a daunting task. With so many pawn and jewelry shops cropping up these days, finding antique amber jewelry is seriously crucial. However, it is not impossible. If you are guided well through some simple steps, then finding accurate item is going to be an easy piece of cake, for you! So, you better be aware of the points first, before hunting down the authentic antique amber jewelry.

Jot down the tips
It’s mandatory for you to jot down those 8 golden rules, used for finding the accurate Amber for Sale and the amber antique jewelry.

  • Research thoroughly first: Sometimes, online stores might offer you with lucrative deals on antique amber jewelries. Well, you just cannot rely on any company, whose name is popping up on your screen. Do not forget to research well, before coming to a decision.
  • Procure help from gemologists: In case, you are quite serious about finding amber jewelry, none can help you better than a gemologist. You can contact them from professional trade organizations, or if they are associated with any company.
  • Contact someone who can read signs: Expert antique jewelry dealers will help you to evaluate any amber jewelry. They will start by analyzing the materials, followed by manufacturing techniques and the signature or stamp of maker.
  • Go for the scratch test: Amber is not quite hard, especially when you are using Moh’s Scale. It will rank usually from 2 to 2.5. As human nails are about 2, therefore; it becomes quite difficult to scratch amber. Follow this method to check its authenticity.
  • Warm to touch: Real amber is quite warm to touch. When rubbed, it will help in creating electro statistic charges and attract dust or lint particles. Follow this method, before finally investing money for amber antique jewelry.
  • Time for taste test: Try to wash the beads of antique amber jewelry with soapy water. After that, you run your tongue over surface. Amber will be tasteless, no matter how old it gets. Otherwise, plastic products will have chemical taste to it.
  • Heat test: Amber jewelry is not going to melt that easily. It will burn like incense. But, plastic or copal will melt. Even though this is a risky test, but you can try it out sometimes. You can heat up any needle point and touch the red-hot tip to the amber piece.
  • Visit an antique dealer: Antique dealers will be probably your best shot, while is comes to amber antique products. You can rely on them for help.

Follow the points well

It is advisable to follow the steps mentioned above, to avoid any fraudulent product. You can easily procure Amber for Sale from reliable online stores like DR Fine Jewels. Here, the items are tested under strict parameters, before providing final items to clients. This rule is not just restricted towards amber stone, but for the antique jewelries, as well.


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