Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Five Ideas To Organize Your Own Amber Fossil

Amber fossils are exquisite pieces which have insects trapped in them. These are very rare, just as the’ blue variety, and seem very valuable to many people. They are indeed astonishing as they seem to capture a moment in the timeline. The insects trapped in these can be as old as millions of years. The resin that becomes fossilized to give rise to it is secreted by trees for protection from insects and pests. It is those insects that get trapped in the resin at times and constitute these objects.

 You Can Organize one for yourself

You can organize your amber fossil for use in your home. You will require clay used for models, a pebble of your desired size, petroleum jelly and some resin. The resin has to be made according to the scientific method used for making preserves. Then mold the clay in the shape of the pebble and line it with petroleum jelly. Then put the prepared resin inside and following this, put the insect that you wish to fossilize. You thus get this fossil. Make several of these, and you have your mini museum at home.

Amber fossil

A very Good Way of Preserving Things

The resin, of which it is composed, has the ideal conditions for preserving the bodies of insects and pests. It is so amazing that it can keep the body intact, even for millions of years. Now scientists are using the chemical combination in the resins to make preserves for insect specimens. The resin can be made using the identical compositions and can be used for preserving things.

Maintain A Collection of Fossils

The mode of preservation is referred to as the amber mode. So you can make your collection ofthese at home if you get hold of some. Prepare these by collecting varied insects. Maintain your collection regularly, by keeping it clean. Friends will be impressed knowing that you have such a unique hobby. You can also add to your collection some unique real ones from drfinjewels.

                              Amber fossil

Put them to use innovatively

The fossils are a very special variety. Hence they have to be put to use in innovative ways. Organizing your amber fossil purchased from is not so tough after all. You can use such objects as paper weights too. They would look splendid on your study table and will also serve your purpose. The fossilized insects found in these give them a unique design. It is a very convenient way to organize them for your effective use.

An Artistic Touch

Thus you can organize such objects on your own for effective use at home. This also gives you a sense of artistic fulfillment and endows creativity in your mind. The fossilized variety is as popular as it was in earlier times.

Use your creativity

You can make artistic modifications in the objects you buy from a store as well. Thus develop your artistic skills through indulging in such novel things. If you are a creative person you will love this all.


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