Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Amber bead necklace has a great demand in the market

Amber a fossilized tree resin is utilised in many ways, it is a natural beauty. It is used in perfume as an ingredient also used in medicines & most common as jewellery. As amber is fossilized thus it sometimes contains animal & plant parts also. Amber ornaments are popular in Europe & it was first used in Mycenaean tombs. One can find the brooches of amber, amber rings, necklaces, also bracelets & necklaces made of amber.
Amber stone

Amber is found in many colours. Blue amber is one of the rare amber stone. It is only found in the amber mines of the mountain ranges nearSantiago.  DR Fine Jewels a Dominican company which deals with top grade blue stones sales blue amber, larimar and amber fossil. is a site which deals with amber products where you can buy the amber products online, thus it is a site of amber wholesale & the company will mail it to your address. You can easily buy blue amber stone, from the plenty of stocks which is visible on site according to your pocket. The price range starts from $ 680 to more than $5000. The size & shape varies with the price of this stone. As for example the costly blue amber stone is of $6000, but in some products there are some sell is going on. So these items will have the price lesser than the actual amount. To buy blue amber just visit the hyperlink & shift to blue amber, then just select your choice & pay the bill by PayPal or there are some more options available to pay the bill.

Also green amber stones are very rare to find. The amber stone having colour polish green is called green amber. Green amber is noted as first grade stones. On the site you will find some awesome design & quality products.  The price of green amber stone depends on the weight of the stone, more weight more in price. The price ranges are from $75 to more than $1000.   The blue amber is most glorious than other types of amber stones. If it gets sunlight or day light the blue glow is just awesome. After cutting this stone is highly glossy after gemstone. The customers of the amber stones are increasing with respect to time.

Amber bead necklace has a great demand in the market of amber jewels & the cost of this product is negotiable. Baltic amber with insects also has a high demand as people prefers to show the insects on their stone, it may be mosquito or some insects. Green Amber Pendant ornamented in sterling silver is one of the best designs. So just add the items to your cart & pay the bills to get home delivery.


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