Monday, 13 May 2013

Beautiful Amber Stones: The new wise investment

Amber stones
DR fine jewelry is the best company of amber jewelry in the Dominican Republic and they use to export the items all over the world. This company offers their designs of the larimar and amber stone to the customers. They use to extract amber stones from the mines of the Dominican Republic and then use to give them perfect shape to sell in the market. They use these stones in the jewelry like in necklaces, earrings, pendants; rings as well as they use to sell these stones as single or in the bunch too. The amber stones with the print of animals have high demand among the customers as they think that in indicates some choice about art. The price is also going up with the decrease in its resources and therefore making it a new wise investment for future as the price has not reached the sky yet.

Amber stones are formed millions of years ago; some kind of tree sap from a specific tree (now extinct) from the rainforests of Dominican Republic is the reason of their birth. They came out of the trees and solidified gradually and so small insects got trapped in this viscous liquid and got fossilized along with them. Ambers with insects are extremely rare. Yes, you are absolutely right; this beautiful part of the mystery is more interesting than how much it sounds after knowing about them. So, contact us or visit our website and add your own piece of Amber Stone to your shopping cart today.


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