Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Amber the best jewelry stones in the world

Many of the people in this world may or may not be recognized with the term Amber. It is actually fossil resin, a hard translucent yellow or brownish yellow or orange in color. Amber is popular for making different types of jewelry and other objects for ornamental purpose. And as usual there are few companies who deal with it and among them, DR Fine Jewels is a name where one must go at least once to satisfy the purpose. There are many reasons why one must go for them. Firstly they are the direct sellers so they can give a great pricing range on the stones or even Amber wholesale and retailing service also can be provided by the time to time. Secondly, they have a whole group of people who are dedicated just to satisfy the customers by any means they need. And these make them the biggest Amber wholesaler in the Dominican Republic today.

Amber for Sale

Over seven years they are serving this purpose in style and they even own the biggest and finest gallery of the amber exhibition in the country and the best blue amber extraction can be done from there. Mainly the jewelry manufacturers, museum, amber retailers, gemstone galleries are the basic customer for the company but though it is open for all. Over their site, one can easily go through their business and even can fill up an empty cart with different gemstones. The instant dealing option makes the business of the company and for the customers’ dealings very smooth.


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