Friday, 15 November 2013

Genuine Dominican Green Amber

Green amber is actually founded in the Caribbean in the Dominican Republic. Initially, there were three types of color stones orange, blue and red. But now, there are many colors available in the market such as blue, red, brown and one is much popular nowadays which green amber is.

This is the most precious and unique stone available in the world. It has the ability to boost up your beauty due to its hues and its appearance. In today’s world, everyone is concerned about fashion and looks. By wearing this unique set of jewelry, you will be looked graceful and charmed.

Green amber

The existence of this gemstone is only in Baltic countries. The latest design of DR Fine Jewels green amber jewelry is highly demanding and are costly than normal jewelry. There are some places where you will have artificial of these stones in same price as of original ones. So before buying them, you should concern about the company from where you are buying.

Dominican amber mines are the foremost source of green amber. Its existence in the world was known after the discovery of that island by Columbus.

Green amber

This amber is a rare one in all over the world as its outcrop is not as much as an outcrop of another Baltic amber. It is the traditional special thing which is not accessible for all of us.
If you are searching for the real green amber without having any artificial coloring or any other effects on that then you should use amber made by nature. The Dominican Green amber is the only one and 100% natural amber in the world.


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