Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Let’s Know About The Amber Fossils Which Is An Amazing Gift From Nature

Amber is a gemstones of organic, to be more precise mineral, origin.  Essentially, amber is a fossilized resin from primitive evergreens, or vanished species of resin producing plants which flourished in dense forests, about more than hundred million years ago. Plants, Animals and insects became entombed and trapped in this resin, providing a detailed and unique picture of life millions of years ago. The most charming facts of amber are the inclusions which are rarely found within it. The inclusions may be in the form of insects and plants are over hundred million years old but seem as though they were entombed or trapped yesterday! 

Amber stones

Amber fossil is an amazing gift from Mother Nature. Every piece of amber is unique in nature with no other pieces being the same‚ giving the stone its exclusive quality of attraction in shape, size and color range. Beautiful amber can be polished to make a gentle sheen to bring out the stone’s natural bloom.

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