Monday, 3 February 2014

Larimar bead a new Pieces of stone

DR Fine Jewels are one among the top wholesale amber providers in the entire country. They are placed in the Dominican Republic. Their existence is from 7 years and within this very short span of time they have gained the confidence of many customers.

They not only excel in various colored ambers but also have Larimar beads and Larimar stones. These are bluish colored gem stones that are used for various ornamental purposes. These beads can be embedded in sterling silver and can be made in exquisite designs.

DR Fine jewels are known for their designer jewelry and have trained designers who make unique jewels out of amber and laminar beads. They have the largest and finest amber exhibition center in the world and they are proud of having this exquisite skilled manpower and unique gem stones.

Larimar stone

Larimar beads are antique stones and DR Fine jewels cut and polish the Larimar beads so that they have a lovely finish when transformed into jewelry. They deal with 100% natural larimar beads and no one can match their quality and pricing. Larimar beads. Larimar beads are alternatives to natural stones. They are bluish in color with opaque pattern and are well polished to have a smooth surface. These beads are hand cut and well crafted to design unique jewelry out of them. The larimar beads by DR Fine jewels are natural and are well polished and finished by expert people who are well trained in this area.

The color, size and shapes may vary for different larimar beads depending on the areas from which they are mined. So looking for exquisite larimar beads which can be a cheaper alternative for precious stones, switch to larimar beads jewelry and get a feel and finish like never before. The most elegant jewelry ever made out of larimar beads can be obtained only at DR Fine jewels.


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