Thursday, 16 January 2014

Buying The Deepest Blues Amber Beads With Insects’ Are Most Desirable

Amber fossils and amber stones have also been an attraction of the gem lovers, geologists, and archaeologists. This is because the stones represent a frozen moment in time, with only the mysterious inclusions to hint at its story. The beautiful and rare amber stones have vibrant blue and yellow colors and sometimes red or multicolored.
The stone that so fascinates us today began as a thick, slow-moving sap trickling down rain forest trees millions of years ago. The sticky resin trapped insects, seeds, feathers start to solidify with respect to time. These inclusions were preserved for all time as amber fossils. The resin first turned into copal, often used as incense.

Amber beads

There are very small and limited collections in the earth only in the Dominican Republic as well as in some parts Mexico. A company namely DR Fine Jewels are the finest producer of these stones. When buying either a raw Amber stone or a polished Amber beads are the deepest blues or amber with insects’ patterns most desirable. If you are buying an amber stone keep an eye on its shiny surface with no cracks, reflection of the light ray on it. The customers also can fascinate amber jewelry mostly made of silver and sometimes gold along with some hand crafted design all over it. You can also buy the raw amber stones there as per the lot size and the price is completely depended upon the size and shape of the amber stone. Keep on an amber stone on your body to carry an attractive look all the time.


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