Sunday, 13 April 2014

Dominican Blue Amber The Rarest And Oldest Form Of Gemstone Available

Amber often derives its name from the place of its origin. The Dominican Republic is known as the source of the blue amber that is the rarest form of gemstone found. The other widely found amber is the Baltic one, but the amber found in Dominica differs in various aspects from the earlier one. Firstly it is more transparent in nature and there are more plant and animal materials found in this amber. This is because of the weather of the place.

Blue Amber

Variety of amber found

The Dominican blue amber is derived from the resin of Hymenaea protera one of the extinct species. In a recent study, it has been recorded that this amber dates back to almost 40 million years. There are three main sites of mining of amber. The mining of this amber is quite dangerous and it is not open for general tourists. Apart from the rare blue-colored amber, other colors of the gemstone that are mined in the country are yellow, honey, honey-colored, red and green. You can spot few of these gemstones in the museums.

Inclusion in the stone

One remarkable feature of the Dominican blue amber from Drfinejewels, is its inclusion that is caused by the insects, plants, and water and air bubbles. The visibility and the placement of the inclusion are of utmost importance in determining the price of the amber. Termites, ants, and gnats, are generally found in these stones, but these inclusions are always not situated in the center. Often due to the struggle of these organisms, the integrity of the stone is threatened and causes internal fractures.


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