Thursday, 15 May 2014

Why Blue Amber Is Considered To Be A Precious Stone

When one thinks about amber, they think of yellow stones. However, the beauty of amber is not bound in the yellow stones only. One of the most beautiful stones of this genre is that of the color blue. The blue colored amber is a true beauty. This is considered to be one of the most precious stones of amber because of the fact that it is very rare to find. The color is simply captivating and it emerges to be a fine addition to any of the jewelry. This stone is such which changes color when a fluorescent light is shown on it.

Blue Amber

The aspect of preciousness
The stone of Blue amber doesn’t belong to the family of being the rarest stones, yet. This is because it is a new inclusion in the world of the gem industry. This stone portrays a radiant color which adds on to its beauty. Though this stone is not considered as an asset, because of it color changing properties, it is considered be of great value. The amber which is blue in color can be obtained from the Dominican Republic. It is very clear in its make and thus forms to be a perfect stone to obtain.
The use
One of the main aspects of the Blue amber from is to be used for the ornamental purposes. They are used for making sculptures. This kind of amber is kept as a fine piece as a collection by the collectors. Blue Amber can be used in several ways.


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