Thursday, 12 June 2014

Precious Blue Amber Jewelry By DR Fine Jewels

Dr. Fine Jewels is one such known name, which provide the best and the authentic blue amber, which are available in utmost clarity, polish, quality and the unique design with blue stone. These stones are very much helpful not just for the beauty with their designer cuts but with their great quality inculcated to improve several health issues. Surprised? Yes, they provide the positive energy for the pregnant ladies where in the energy is good for the babies too. They are known as the symbol of good luck too. The charm of amber jewelry is well known from ancient time.
Blue Amber
 One unique quality of blue amber is such that on a white surface, when the natural light particles pass through the stone, the results are reflection of a slight blue hue. On the other hand, when the same natural light particles pass through the dark surface, then the actual amber is reflected.Beauty of this stone increases the beauty of the jewellery. There is no any great jewelry designer, who has no craze for this stone for his jewellery designs.

Don’t worry about the quality if you are buying Blue amber from DR Fine Jewels because you will get the best to give you satisfaction along with the good wholesale quality available with them. Meeting the huge demand and orders, they are one best ones to contact if want to do bulk buying.This cheating is really not good because people have religious believes with this stone. Original amber is softer than other stones.


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