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Amber with Insects Play Multiple Role in Different Spheres of Life

Amber use to form from the sap secreted through the ancient trees, which have now converted into fossils. This secretion use to happen exactly at the time of polymerization of the original compound. Amber found on this earth, range somewhere between minimum 30 to maximum 90 million years old.    

In the terms of mineralogists, a mineral called succinct is present in the sap. Latin name of this mineral is succinum, which means any substance originated from the purest form of juice or sap. If you will try to burn amber is clear flam it will start melting and soon will burn out completely. This is the reason why German people call it Bernstein, which means any material that burns like this.  

If we talk about Greek people, they call amber as electron, which ultimately signifies electricity. The modern society believes that the word has been derived from one of the Arabic word ambergris. You will be amazed to know that meaning of ambergris is a wax like substance which is usually found in the intestines of sperm whales.  This waxy substance protects the sperm cells from breaking and from stings and also ambergris proves to be the chief food sources. 

Amber and Science

Amber is a very expensive and really found stone, especially amber with insects are very rarely found from DR Fine Jewels. In addition, they also have connection with the other areas, such as geology, chemistry, entomology, botany, archeology and paleontology. In fact, jewelries have created a special and niche market for this particular jewelry piece.

Amber with Insects

Amber stones

Paleontologists and Geologists find amber with insects very important because it helps them in studying the fossil life of the prehistoric time. Some of the preserved forms of these can be seen in some old and renowned museums, like the National Museum of Denmark in the capital, Copenhagen.   

Some of the very precious amber with insects stones where found in the graves surrounding the Stonehenge in England. It was estimated that these amber were not less than 4000 years old. Some of the organic chemists are taking interest in studying the physical as well as the chemical properties of amber. 

Amber with Insects

Amber and Jewelry

Amber is very much preferred in making jewelry. Customers love them and are ready to pay any amount for purchasing them. They are available in different sizes and patterns and based on the size and cuts there cost is identified. Hence, amber actually plays multiple roles in different fields.  

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