Monday, 24 November 2014

Essential Facts to Know about Amber for Sale

Cost of amber is estimated by the different life forms that are present on the surface of the stone. Presence of flower insects and intact insects drastically increases the overall value of the stone. Such stones very expensive, and are high in demand among different customers. In the current scenario, amber necklace having a trapped dragonfly are very precious and are of relatively more demanding as compared to other jewelry items. 

Amber stones

Apart from this, price for these stones can vary based on its size clarity, colour and polish. Here we have mentioned some of the price for amber for sale stones, like Opaque pieces of amber can vary from $0.10 to $1 per carat. Stones that are 1 inch in size there price can vary from $50 to $60. Stone with a decent size will cost somewhere near $195. 

Moving ahead good quality amber stones of DR Fine Jewels for sale are also available at around 15 dollars. If we consider shapeless stones or the one having uneven finish but with 10-20 carat weight, retail or online stores may charge about somewhere between $30 and $40. These prices are not the finial call; this may change with time place and market condition. 

Amber stones

In fact, there are times when these stones are burned to give older look. People are more fascinated towards old jewelry, so are ready to pay anything for them. When such amber for sale is displayed people show great interest in making purchase.

Amber with usual flora and fauna prints are preferred by collectors, they purchase them and keep them in their collection. Fossil gems always increases beauty of any jewelry and make them an exclusive piece for buyers. For instance, normal pendant pieces with good inclusions are guaranteed for high price in the market. Jewelry with interesting craving also cost very high. 

Amber stones

Another very interesting aspect, which is affecting price, is the day on which amber was originated. Age of the stone is directly proportional to the cost i.e. older the stone higher is the price and same vice-verse.  There are many gemological laboratories, who are finding it difficult to identify the exact age of the stone. Age of amber can be identified only based on inclusions present on the surface. You will be amazed to know that recently, a piece of Dominican amber was sold for unbelievable $ 75000. This news is enough to understand the worth or preciousness of amber stone.


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