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Amber wholesale: Get Quality amber for jewelry here

All leading jewelry shops and designers require amber every day for their pieces of jewelry. This is why there are many companies on the internet that sells amber at wholesale to anyone who requires it. The prices are reasonable in the companies, and the qualities are good. All you have to do is search the net and look at their categories to see what type of amber they have on offer. Most of these companies have many conditions and until and unless you meet them you cannot buy the wholesale amber. There are always minimum quantities that you have to buy from them.

About The Sellers

But there are many such sellers who don't have any minimum quantity for wholesale. These companies also do not have any condition for selling ambers at wholesale. You can buy any amount of amber from these companies as per your requirements. These people do not even have any particular amount of money below which you are not allowed to buy. You can place small, midsized or large orders with these people. So if you own a small jewelry shop, then you can buy your amber from these people and then make your jewelry with them.

Amber wholesale

Ask For A Quote

Even if you are a large jewelry manufacturer, these companies are entirely equipped to handle your huge orders. Even at a short notice you can get your amber deliver right where you need them. There are hundreds of such companies on the internet so before you buy from anyone you need to make sure they are selling real ambers and not fake ones. All these companies also provide with free quotes for huge orders. So you can easily ask for quotes and compare prices amongst the companies that you shortlisted. This way you will get quality amber in your budget.

Visit the Websites

Some people also like to make pieces of jewelry as a hobby and may require ambers in really small quantities. These companies have solutions for these people too. Amber of various shapes and sizes are mixed and sold in sealed packets by these companies. The quality of ambers does not vary with the quantity, and even if you are buying them in small quantities, they are still pure and natural amber. Most of the Amber wholesale companies like Drfinejewels specialize in particular amber or a particular shade of amber. You will have to visit their website to find exactly, what region the amber is from and the shades that they are offering.

Amber wholesale

Know the Details

But there are also many such Amber wholesale companies that keep stock of all kinds of ambers that are collected from different regions. So if you want various types of ambers for your jewelry, then you need to find a company that has the collection of both Baltic and Dominican amber. Some companies charge per item while some companies charge at a wholesale rate for the entire lot. Also for shipment in some countries you will have to pay taxes so before you buy make sure to check the website for tax charges. Many companies even pay for the entire process of shipment.

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