Sunday, 25 June 2017

Buyers Should Know The Following About Dominican Blue Amber

If you are thinking of gemstone, you will immediately think of jewelry and fashion. But certain gemstones serve multiple purposes. Other than rendering themselves to a diverse range of jewelry creations, they also have parts to play in the making of medicines and perfumes. Such gemstones are rare to avail, but if you are lucky, you will come across the pieces.

A rare variety

One such illustration is the Dominican blue amber, which you will hardly come across. So, if you can lay your hands on such a unique and exclusive piece, you will treasure it with fondness and care. Besides the Republic of Dominican, you may also find the unique piece in the different parts of Mexico. According to some of the researchers and gem specialist, the variety is also available in Indonesia.

Dominican Green Amber Stone

Takes you back in time

You will also like to note that an extinct tree species by the name of Hymenaea protera is the contributory source. The fossilized resin is derived from this particular source which has now become extinct. Now you can well understand howthe Dominican blue amber of takes you back into the past and helps you recreate the feel and flavor of those glorious years from the pages of history. It feels great to invest in such a valuable piece of gemstone that shares a unique relationship with the days gone by. But while buying you should have certain realistic considerations, in your mind.

Check the color intensity

If you hold the gemstone on a smooth white surface and allow the sunlight to pass through; you will notice the bluish tinge. Then, you may think whether it is a genuine piece or not, but then, you should be aware of the fact that the smooth white surface which you have used has facilitated the process of refraction. Owing to the refraction, you failed to take note of the original blue color. But if you hold the stone on a black surface, the differences are noticeable because black stops refraction from taking place, and as a result, you can see the ultraviolet light being split up into bluish light particles.

Dominican Yellow Green Amber Stone

Know the pricing criterions

Next, you should know what determines the price parameters of this rare variety of gemstones. Every gemstone has some grading parameters, and same is true about this special variety which is only found in two or three regions the world over. Size happens to be the most common yardstick of pricing. The bigger the gemstone is, the dearer it is in cost. The purity of the stone is also taken into the consideration while determining the price.

Price is not constant

 But then you will ask how is the purity level fixed up? Here again, the color scheme has a crucial role to play. The bluer the color, the purer the gemstone is considered to be. Availability is the next consideration which has a part to play in determining the prices. But since color, purity, as well as availability, tends to vary; the price fixed up doesn’t follow a constant, consistent pattern. As a buyer, you will like to note that the price differs from time to time, according to the given factors. 


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