Sunday, 25 June 2017

Steps To Locating Genuine And Quality Assured Amber Beads

You should know how to distinguish the fake from the real. Particularly, when it comes to investing in a precious piece of gemstone, you should be aware of the difference. At no time, you will like wasting your money on the counterfeit stones and ornaments. So taking an informed, educated decision is of paramount significance. Before buying, you should take time out to research and gather the factual details. Only then, you will know how to distinguish the real from those produced as imitations.

Beware of the fake ones

If you are planning to buy amber beads; then, you should know how copal, plastic, synthetic resins, and glass are used for making the counterfeit pieces. You may think that the piece which you are buying has a fossilized content, and so on that basis, you can vouch for its authenticity. But here again, you are far from the truth and reality because sometimes makers insert remains of an insect, with the purposeful intention of deceiving buyers.  Copal looks similar to this special variety of gemstone, and so, people interested in cheating, structure and shape copal in such a way that it looks similar to the beaded gemstone.

Buy from a recognized outlet

How will you know that you are not being taken for a ride? You have to place your order with a reputed facility that has been selling this special type of gemstone, for years together. If you buy amber beads from the; you will not be in two minds about the authenticity and quality of the jewellery pieces.  You can also undertake IR-spectrometry to test the genuineness of the piece that you have just purchased. It is needless to say that you will get positive results after conducting the investigation.

Use of the heated needle

Some buyers use a heated needle for validating the authenticity of the beaded gemstone. After touching it with the treated needle, the gem is expected to give out a sweet smell. Once you get the sweet, pine-like smell you can say for sure that the piece is real and not a counterfeit. But this procedure is not without its limitations. In the process of touching the stone with the heated needle, you may end up damaging it. Secondly, you may not know how to identify that sweet, pine like sensation. As said previously, you can solve the problem by placing an order with a trusted agency which has acquired a specialized skill in selling gemstone of this particular variety.

Another testing procedure

You can also use saline water for testing the genuineness of the stone that you look forward to purchasing. Since you know that the heated needle can cause damage to the stone, it is best to avoid such a procedure. Instead, take a bowl filled with salt water. See if the stone floats on it. If the stone floats, you will have no reasons to doubt its authenticity, but if the stone sinks, you will have reasons to question its validity. Moreover, the fake stones made of copal are also likely to melt in the water that has salt added to it. Since the salt bowl doesn’t impact the stone in a harmful way, you can use it, as your testing procedure. 


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